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Big Love - Pittsburgh Playhouse

Pittsburgh In The Round

February 28, 2017

“But a special place in this work has to be held for the performance of Bebe Tabickman in the role of Bella – instantly connecting with the audience portraying a true Nonnino, comparing her 13 sons to a basket of tomatoes which is so humorous that to explain her actions would not do justice to her acting ability. Her initial scene endears her to the audience, and Tabickman has just the right demeanor and accent to be a believable strong Italian woman. 


She appears throughout the play, however, acting more the “fool” than the voice of wisdom, but tragedies have fools, and we know it is the fool who often times speaks the truth.  At the end of the work, it is Tabickman who explains the tragedy of what just happened on stage. She ends the play with a voice of reason and wit. She is the true chorus that would, I am sure, have made Aeschylus proud, cleaning up the horrific murder scene with her words of truth and reason. 


The fact that she moves from a comic figure to such a serious interpreter of the play is interesting to say the least and in keeping with the tragedy. She shouts to the audience that “love trumps everything” after she has scolded all of the actors for their childish and murderous behavior. She reminds the audience that no one is innocent. Like Thyona, she is not only speaking to the characters in the play, she is speaking to us, the audience. She is the wise sage. The laughable, kind character becomes an extremely angry matriarch, literally shaking as she gives her final chorus and warning to the audience."

Big Love - Pittsburgh Playhouse

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 

March 04, 2017

“At the heart of things is Bella, seemingly a garrulous bubbe (to mix ethnicities) who grows, in the person of Bebe Tabickman, into the wisest person on stage, based (if you go back to Aeschylus) on Aphrodite, the god who knows most about the pangs of love.

Into The Woods - Pittsburgh Playhouse

Pittsburgh City Paper

October 21, 2015

“ Bebe Mae Tabickman has got both a knockout set of pipes and a deft hand with comedy.”

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