YAAZ! You Made It!

My name is Bebe Tabickman. I’m a proud, born and raised bagel loving New Yorker! I've always had a love for being dramatic and grabbing everyone's attention (probably because I'm a Leo). 


I will never forget when I was on tour doing Click, Clack, Moo playing a sassy bodacious cow named Maddy. During one of our shows, there was a chubby little girl in the front row who reminded me of a younger version of myself. Whenever I came on stage, her face lit up! I do theater to inspire and encourage all of the little self conscious Bebe’s out there who are waiting to come out of their shells and SHINE! 


Besides performing, you can catch me living my best life as, “Bebe, the Queen of Side Jobs.” From babysitting, to dog walking, to teaching Hebrew School galore! I'm mostly looking forward to when the virus is over, and theater and art come back stronger than ever. Maybe I'll finally get to see Hamilton live!


Life is full of beaming moments

Bebe loves to teach and spend time with children.

Bebe performed at Broadway in Bryant Park.

Bebe dreams of going back to visit Greece and Israel.